Ready for love?

Finding the right man to marry doesn’t have to be a random act of nature. It just requires some good planning, personal reflection and honesty, and a bit of old-fashioned sleuthing.


The Husband Project is a step-by-step project plan for seeking, sorting and successfully choosing the man you will want to call your husband.  Whether choosing an online dating service, speed dating, networking or matchmaking, The Husband Project will provide you with solid tools to be effective in finding the man who authentically fits you—not just your immediate need for a “plus 1”.


A project is a concentrated way to focus on an issue at hand (in this case, finding a husband).  Utilizing the practical tips, planning guides, assessments and workbook exercises, in short order you can quickly engage in a Husband Project of your own.


The Husband Project focuses on key elements:

  1. You: who you are, your personal & relationship values & preferences
  2. Where to find the men that fit you
  3. What to do when you find them
  4. How to select and discard
  5. How to seal the deal

No need to wait another day–you can start right now!

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